To dislike mainstream people and what attracts them to me?.?

like i have a strong dislike for 85% of the people. because they are part of the mainstream subcluture or similar. like everyone seems to only care about themselves, are gossipy, like partying/clubing/anything similar a lot, conceited, shallow, materialistic, being fake, etc. it seems like they're all sheep following or liking whats popular. and it feels quite fake( as in they aren't real people, only stupid idiots/) to talk to them, everything has small talk about drama/whats in/bs/ and no decent discussions. maybe its my personality? im a isfj, but i don't think that would really matter. and the fact is that mainstream society has rejected/disagreed, and/or i strayed away from it because of how stupid, illogical, impractical, there behavior/personality/they're fake, gimmicky subculture. but i also wonder why some of them are drawn to me. i dont do anything to draw attention( ie im not an attention whore). is it my looks and/or body?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Looks, most likely..

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