How to heal hurt feelings and amend relationships?

There is some really poor communication at my church. The more I try to help and ask questions the more people tell me no I don't need your help or I have no time for you. And it hurts, a lot. So I tell them how I feel and they get offended. So now I'm hurting twice from feeling left out and now waiting for forgiveness from people that hurt me in the first place. I even tried saying I'm sorry for something I should not be sorry for just so we can move past this and nothing seems to get better. How do i stop the hurt and avoid this again in the future?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Time is the best remedy. Be patient and believe in God and yourself. You can not be accountable for people´s mistakes. As Long as you mean no harm to others, you should not have any guilty Feelings. With respect, Saeed. H

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