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What happens if I don't feed my kittens at night?

The kittens are two weeks, so they cannot do anything on their own. I have to feed them mother's milk replacement with a bottle. Not all of them even know how to suck the milk, but they are learning. I have to keep them warm and massage them to make the pee.

I feed them every 2-3 hours, but I just can't bring myself to wake up at night!

I don't have anyone to help me, and now I have gotten myself ill because of exhaustion. The animal rescuers don't have all the resources to take care of them, but they are looking for a home and they were kind enough to pay for the milk and bottle.

I haven't fed them the last two night, but just before I go to bed and right after I wake up. They don't really start making noise when they are hungry, they just keep sleeping, so it's easy for me to me all selfish and keep sleeping.

So how bad is it that I don't feed them at night? I sleep about ten hours, I think.


Just don't lecture me, I know I'm being selfish, but I'm ill and tired, all alone, only 18, haven't gone to my job in a week, have to take care of my older kitten who I've spend all my money on, and now I don't have any food for myself and I can't even go to the store.

Don't mean to sound as if I feel sorry for myself, because I do love taking care of them, but after a while I just get selfish..

Update 2:

I didn't volunteer, I FOUND them! I had NO choice and the shelter can't take them! You try taking care of kittens you never asked for with a fever and swollen throat, when you were really supposed to be able to sleep as much you wanted because it's vacation plus you were supposed to work not stay at home!

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    It seems like your doing a good job so far. :) However, if it's so much trouble, and it exhausts you too much, and now with your limited resources, wouldn't it be better if the bottle babies go to another foster mother for now? Ten hours sleep is somewhat excessive, and bottle babies must be fed every 3 - 4 hours or so, which means they miss about 2 feedings while you sleep.

    I'd suggest, if you don't want to hand them over to another foster mother, to limit your sleeping time. There is such a thing as sleeping too much, which might contribute to the fact that you feel exhausted all the time. Try sleeping for 6 hours, with one or two catnaps of 20 minutes to an hour during the day. You'll feel WAAAAY better. (Trust me, this part-time student, full-time workaholic, breadwinner, kitty owner and fiancee knows what she's talking about. ;) Hahaha!)

    These little babies need someone to care for them by loving, feeding, cleaning them and giving as much affection as they need (which is a lot). This period in their life is when they have to eat regularly and healthy so that their future health is not compromised. Please consider the advice about the sleeping, and if you feel you cannot do it, rather hand them over to another foster. It won't mean you don't care, in fact, it would mean quite the opposite.

    Good luck. :)

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    If you don't feed them every 2 hours they will be under nourished and could fade away as in die. Turn them over to a shelter or a rescue. I have bottle feed kittens up till they are 5 weeks old and then had to teach them to eat solid food, still giving them a bottle there were 6 of them. What happen to the momma? Find a rescue in your area and take them and drop them off there. If you have to put them in a box with all their stuff and leave them there before they open.

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    LOL that you need TEN HOURS of sleep? Seriously?

    Kittens that young need to be fed every couple of hours TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY. If you can't or should I say WON'T do this then give them to the shelter before they end up DEAD. Shame on you for being so selfish. You're doing these kittens NO favour if you can't feed them as often as they NEED to be fed. They will DIE if you continue choosing your precious ten hours of sleep over feeding them SO THEY WILL STAY ALIVE!

    Why on earth did you volunteer to foster these kittens? Or are these kittens YOUR cat had?? I find it REALLY hard to believe you volunteered to foster these kittens as you're trying to make us think you did. I bet what happened is your own cat had these kittens, you continued to let her free roam, she died and then you went crying the blues to the shelter. The shelter kindly supplied you with mother's milk substitute and now OH POOR YOU!!! has to feed these kittens. You get NO pity but the kittens in your care get TONS. GIVE THEM UP.

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    At that age, they need bottle feeding round the clock, or they will just fade and die. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it can't be sugar coated. Feeling sorry for yourself doesn't get them fed.

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    oh it is wrong ,i guess kittens fell so hungry so i went home and cook food for my kittens.

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