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Should I start taking Protein Shakes?

I'm overweight and I have been my entire life. I started working out and went on a diet since December. I've been going till now and I've seen some changes.

My weight was 161 kilos and now I'm 140 kilos, muscle mass is 47 kilos.

I'm just wondering if Protein Shakes or anything similar to it is going to help me reach my goal.

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    Short answer? No.

    Has your doctor told you that you're deficient in protein? Taking too much can damage your liver and cause osteoporosis.

    Dieting and exercise - good.

    Taking supplements you don't need - bad.

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    Vegan 35 yrs no, don't take protein shakes. Eat. Balanced diet

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    No. Why? Pointless. Go on a fast. Will re-set your mind and body.

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    8 years ago

    not as much they can cause you ones

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