how to get into college in us?

okay, i'm 21, actually i'm indonesian, live in indonesia, i have graduated from high school in 2011, in here of course, and i'm not having any education at this moment, i wanna take an engineering major in university in US, maybe one of these : Harvard, MIT, Stanford, caltech, etc. and i heard, that one of the ways to get into that college, is taking SAT! okay, i could handle that, what i need is tremendous preparation to take that test, but frankly, my scores on my school report are bad, pretty bad, and i'm worried they'll require a high score school report.

so back to my question... what steps i have to do, to get into college in US , especially that college i mentioned above in my current condition? and the requirements of course...

thx for the answers, 5 rating will come to the sufficient answer ASAP.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Talk to an EducationUSA advisor at an advising center in Indonesia. See link below.

    You need to take the SAT for almost any good college in the USA. You will also have to submit a high school transcript, complete an application, etc. You may have to send in an application fee, letters of recommendation, a personal statement or essay, as well. You are not likely to get into the colleges you mention unless you had high grades in high school.

    An adviser can tell you which colleges in the USA are reasonable targets for you. There are some excellent engineering schools, e.g. Purdue, that are less selective than the schools you mention.

  • eri
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    8 years ago

    Everyone applying to Harvard has the highest grades in the hardest classes and very high test scores. You need all that just to apply, and then you need a lot more to get in. They turned down 94% of applicants this year, including thousands of 4.0 students (unweighted) and valedictorians. Nothing you do before high school matters and they do not give academic or sports scholarships (need-based aid only). You need to find a way to stand out in the field you plan to major in, and you need to have a very good reason to attend Harvard, which you don't appear to have. Bad reasons are things like 'It's a great school', 'it sounds really impressive', and 'it's the only good school I've heard of', and those are the reasons most people apply. Good reasons are things like specific resources or professors only they offer that you plan to work with during your time at Harvard, and you need to show your potential to make the most of these resources clear when applying. All this also applies to the other schools you mentioned.

    You need a high school diploma, SAT scores, and SAT II scores for those schools, as it clearly states on their websites. You have no shot at a top US school with a poor GPA.

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    All US colleges are going to require you to take the SAT exam-

    without top grade in high school you have no chance at all at the schools you name. You will be require to send in your high school transcripts.

    Harvard gets over 30,000 applications and accepts less than 2100 students. MIT is even harder to get into. (Harvard is not known as an engineering school)

    they have thousands and thousands of application from student with top notch grades and SAT score to pick from.

    there are other engineering college. But honestly if your school report (I assume this is your HS transcript) is pretty bad you may have trouble getting into any US university

    what is pretty bad?

    YOu can go on any US college's web site to read requirements for international student to apply. How to apply and an online application is on every school's site.

    Tuition and room and board costs are listed too.

    Plan on at least $30,000 per year. MIT/Harvard/Caltech plan on $50,000 per year

    Bryanna answer is wrong. the highest score on the ACT is 36. For the schools you mention you would need over a 31 for a chance at getting in. On your SAT over 2100

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    8 years ago

    Taking the SAT is a good start, but I really doubt you'll get into any Ivy League school. I think registering at a very small school and transferring to somewhere better after a year is probably the way to go. Don't expect acceptance into a top school though

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    8 years ago

    you have to take the SAT or the ACT personally the ACT is alot easier if your grades werent that good and your gpa is not very high then you have to do really good on either the SAT or the ACT i took the ACT and i got a 25 and my gpa was a 3.4 and i got a scholarship. the best score you can get on the ACT is a 30 as long as you score between a 23-30 you should be good for acceptance but look on their websites and see there requirements so you know what you need

    Source(s): i went through college acceptance
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    4 years ago

    training must be paid for in step with semester. in case you at the instant are not paid in finished for the 1st semester you isn't allowed to affix for training for the 2nd semester. maximum US scholars ought to take out pupil loans to pay for college. there is somewhat little interior the way of financial help-loans, provides, scholarships-to international scholars from US faculties. you ought to touch the admissions place of work at each and each college you have an interest in. you likely are going to ought to take the GED-at age 20 you won't be in a position to bypass to intense college right here. you would be too previous. look at a close-by CC for GED training and the place to take the examination. community colleges in basic terms grant a 2 year affiliate degree. they haven't any housing-you could choose to discover your guy or woman place to stay and function transportation to college. A 4 year college could have dorms on campus to stay in. they're going to grant a 4 year Bachelor degree. i do no longer advise college of Phoenix-it fairly is an internet college, with a questionable attractiveness-it fairly is no longer a "conventional" college.

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    As well as what bryanna said you also need to prove to the US government each year that you have access to the the US$30,000 to US$60,000 it will cost for each year of school in the USA.

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