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What to do with infected wisdom tooth socket?

I had all four taken out a little over 3 weeks ago and yesterday my gums were sore out of nowhere and swollen too. I looked up what happened and sure enough the next day, today, I had a lot of pus and still do. I have a gauze in my mouth and it's pretty gross. The dentist and the office where they were taken out are both closed today and the weekend, so I'm on my own until Monday. Will I just have to watch my holes to prevent more infection or will I die a slow, puss filled death? I'm feeling pretty confident that it's ok, but everyone on this website seems to be a hypochondriac and tell people with problems that they're going to die.

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    There are numerous ways to treat wisdom teeth infection, including a conservative approach to treatment or surgical extraction.However, if you begin to experience pain caused by wisdom teeth infection, your dental professional or oral surgeon may recommend a conservative approach to treatment such as using over-the-counter pain relievers, antibiotics for the infection, mouthwashes, or saltwater rinses.If you ignore the symptoms of wisdom teeth infection, the problem is likely to worsen. Also, the older you get, the more challenging an extraction procedure can be. So, if you experience wisdom teeth infection, don’t delay—seek treatment and you’ll experience great relief once your mouth is back in good health. Do this for about a minute. Now, the reason why it's important is the fact it allows the salt acts as a local disinfectant but more importantly the - there's a process called osmosis where the fact the concentrated salt draws out the fluid which is actually causing, frankly, the discomfort.

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    I would go back to the Dentist's office as soon as possible, this is a big concern that should be addressed now.

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