Is living in California or New York like they show in films?

I mean, with all those big white houses with their own garden that I use to see while watching films set in California? (like this

And with those beautiful New York lofts, full of big windows, where you can see all the skyline of the city? (like this

Do all the americans who live there have houses like those ones?

Is life exciting in those two states as they show in films?

Are there the families who use to have a pic nic on Sundays?

Tell me something about how living there is, I'm so curious! (:

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  • 8 years ago
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    hahaha NO! California beaches are cold, many are a bit dirty. There's a reason the wetsuit was invented in California. So the images of pretty people at pretty beaches getting tan and surfing is a bit false. The water is cold and there's a cold wind. Only during 1-3 months when it's hot enough, is it bearable to go in the water in a regular swimsuit, and even then only in Southern California. If I had a dollar for every surfer I've met that is actually from California, I'd have maybe $5. Everyone who wants to go to the beach here lives far away. If you live just close enough to it, you know it's not where you want to be. Living right next to the water is ridiculously expensive and the homes are small and parking is impossible.

    Big homes are a thing of the past or only on tv or for the very rich. I always wonder who lives like that when watching tv/movies. It is hard to find a big home that middle class and lower classes live in. Property lots used to be a little bigger when the suburbs in Los Angeles were first developed, for example. It was much less crowded than it is now. People try to make money by buying those old homes and dividing the property into several units. If a community is new, it's possible the home and yard (garden) are big but again, these are very expensive and the average family cannot afford it. There's a reason why many Americans are in debt and will lose their home if they are out of work for 1-2 months.

    I think that outsiders don't realize a lot of California is farmland, mountains, and dessert and living there is cheaper so you could afford a bigger home. However, there is not much to do, certainly not good jobs so you probably wouldn't be able to afford a bigger home there either. There are a couple of big cities and suburbs that surround those cities. People tend to live near water (ocean, rivers, lakes) so that's where the big cities are. Living in any of those city areas is not cheap.

    Homes are big on tv/movies for a reason. You need a large set in order to fit in the cameras and crew. Plus, they can create things that don't exist or film at multiple locations that are far away to create something new that only exists in their fictional world. Even if something is "reality tv", it's still a fantasy. It's an escape for the viewer. So they rarely have reality tv shows about the average person, about the average reality of smaller home, not as nice neighborhood, worries about money, etc. They don't show you the dead lawns, cars parked on lawn, big trash on streets (discarded furniture and appliances), graffiti, homeless, junky cars, cracks in the home, termites, carpet stains, poor plumbing, and smells of a city that hasn't had rain in awhile.

    Source(s): California born and bred
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  • 8 years ago

    The apartments they show in NY on tv and movies are always way nicer than the characters could actually afford

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    no. you need to wake up to reality.

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