What are these point and click adventure games called?

I used to play them in the early 2000, I can barely recall them, but here's some things that I remember:

The first one has this character in a brown trenchcoat, and I'm pretty sure he was some detective, it's set in I think 80-90's, and most of the action I think is set in the city.

Then the other game I can barely recall, but I think it was set in the industrial era, and one part of the game requires you to get into this house, but in order to get in you have to go on the left side of the house, where the shrubs are located and you need to cut your way inside.

That's as much as I remember, anyone know these games?

1 Answer

  • Timmy
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    the first one sounds like disc world noir

    a tex murphy game ( there are four )

    or bladerunner

    cant say i reconigse the second one though

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