Why do people care so much about music?

If you ask anyone what the top 10 things they enjoy most in life music will almost always be in the list. I am in my mid-twenties and have a mediocre IQ yet I can acknowledge that music is a form of light entertainment at best and is best used to pass the time such as during a long drive or to relax.

People that carry iPods around all day and claim music=life and that a certain band saved their life or base their lives around concerts, wear shirts with band labels, or would do anything to touch a singer just seem a bit stupid to me.

I myself listen to music and usually have a burnt CD of some metalcore band I find decent in my vehicle but the vast majority of the people I know are completely obsessed and can state that they "feel" the lyrics and it touches them. Well... yeah.. probably because love, breakups, money, drinking, etc are all something people can relate too so obviously somebody is going to write a song about them to make money. In the exact same way a toilet bowl manufacturer makes toilet seats because people need to defecate.

There are far more important parts to life I could name off the top of my head such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying in shape, keeping your mind intact by reading or solving puzzles regularly, not eating processed junk, taking a walk and enjoying nature, challenging yourself, survival skills, hunting, gardening, traveling, studying another language, etc.

There is far too much to do in life to even consider putting music before any of the above. What caused me to type this was due to the following.

I was at the mall earlier shopping for gifts and saw a roughly 275lb person with a shirt that featured a well-known band logo on it, she had earbuds in and was also drinking an orange julius and hadn't a single clue what was going on.

My co-worker is similar to the person above and has yet to even go on a camping trip in his entire life yet he is 34 years old and is sick multiple times per year due to poor dietary choices.

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    Very good question, but I am on the side of music, of course I don't even know any of the bands these days that are popular. In my defense and for your understanding of music it is stimulating, just like coffee, liquor, and drugs, different, but stimulating. I listen to a lot of non vocal music which puts me in different moods, like thinking, exercise, driving, getting ready to go out or to work, bed time and even cooking. Cooking is funny, you will know what we are have by the ethnic music I play. I feel music in my spirit or soul as they say, but you may just be one of the people that don't get into the mood. I have to also say some people are poisoning there minds with what they listen to, by the volume and lyrics. I like classical, jazz, new age, opera, world, old country, blues, and the older hip hop along with disco, the jog music. I do not feel music has kept me from being who I am in my achievements, started school at 5 and finished at 15, finished my college degree, traveled 43 countries, and married by 21. I won't say more because it will sound like bragging, but you can do just as much with or without music, but I always had music.

    I do hear what you are saying though, ear buds in public are rude, wearing monogrammed T shirts, walking around eating are all no nos in my world. Refinement and culture have gone south these days.

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    You seem not hooked on "faddish" wave of sentiment, in this case, for music, and rather, have a wider range of great things to do with your time. For some people, its important to know all there is about a group, their albums and lyrics so that they become knowledgeable and have the ability to stay one upmanship when asked. They have a lifestyle that works for them so all the things that you do to improve your body, health and mind may not be part of their own chosen package. Mayhaps, you can invite them along on one of your health walks or introduce them to a Sudoku puzzle, things that they've never done or knew about.

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    Five sentences and four reasons:

    There are are four reasons why music is important: Beautiful music tames the beast in people because it soothes, comforts, and relaxes us. Good music can slso inspire us to greatness by its melody and lyrics. It has a social function too when people come together to dance to it. We identify with music that speaks to us and which reflects our own feelings and emotions.

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