How to Check the odometer reading of a used car is authentic or not?

Is there any specific methodologies or techniques available for finding out the correct reading?

Many of us are desired to change the car and buy a good car. Odometer plays a major role in checking the car condition while buying. But some are adjusting those meters before selling. Is there any methodology to check the correct reading of the odometer.

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    Check the service record. Each service records odometer reading at the time.

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    I ignore the odometer altogether and look for the *actual* condition of the car. I don't care how many miles it has been driven, just what is worn and how much. Any competent mechanic can tell you that, and all cars have to be checked by a mechanic before you buy them. If the car has a timing belt I have to commit to replacing it unless there is convincing documentation it has been changed, and I adhere to the 7 year rule more than the mileage. When in doubt, change it out.

    I do avoid buying low mileage used cars. At 50K miles it is hard to tell how a car has been treated; at 100K miles it is hard to hide. I can more reliably get another 100K miles out a car with 100K miles on it than a car with only 50K miles on it.

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  • 8 years ago

    Apart from the service records which if they are from a dealer you can get authenticated the MOT tests have the mileage on them.

    An HPI check will also check the mileage as far as they can.

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