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Ancestry DNA results I missing something?

So I got the test kit, sent in the sample, a couple weeks later I get an email saying my results are in. I click the link for my test results, and the only thing the results tell me is that I am 75% european and 25% uncertain.. Will the results be updated to give full detail on what makes up the 75%? Or am I stuck with this useless bit of info.

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    How can we possibly know?

    Did you read ALL of the information that came with the kit?

    Was there any promise made about what kind of results you would receive?

    The ONLY thing you can do is to contact the people who do this testing and ask THEM about the possibility of updates. Since you don't even tell us the name of the company/kit/website, there is no way that we can do anything except guess.

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    Congratulations, you were suckered into a scam. Well, that's a bit of an overstatement. Science can learn a lot by doing detailed comparisons of DNA. Most companies offering consumer-grade service don't do that. If you're using the one in the reference, you should be able to follow their suggestions and learn more. That is, if they live up to their advertising.

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    Roger.. you are retarded.. He did give the name of the test he took.. learn to read the title before giving terrible answers.. Top Contributor my ***.. more like worthless contributor!

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