a boy that likes me but i don't?

i know him since 4 years ago..my mom and his know each other since 7 years or so...

He loves me He kissed me before but i was like "Yuck" i don't love him, i just love as a friend..just a friend, after the kiss he started being normal again and act as a friend..do u guys think he will do it again or should i leave my life go on...we go on vacations together with our mothers and so..

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you did not show any affection back he should not bother you again. If he does let him know that you've known him for so long and not only do you not want to lose the friendship but you just don't have feelings for him

  • 8 years ago

    The same situation happend to me.My friend asked me to be in a relationship with him twice....First i was avoiding him but then we started hanging out again....If he is a really good friend of yours you should just explain him nicely otherwise you will lose him as a friend too . I'm sure if you be open with him he will move on

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