sun sets for one person standing on earth. Vertically above his head till how many meters still sun is visible?

I want to know when sun sets at the highest point of ozone vertically above the head of a person for whom sun sets for example at 7pm sharp.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    This question is horribly close to being able to be answered.

    What do you feel "ozone" has to do with this?

    ... the Sun the instant it has set, has all edges below the horizon. So calculations of sunset locate center, and add more time to get the edge below the horizon too.

    So put in a man at 5 feet, then put in a man at 10km height...

  • Paula
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    8 years ago

    Yes the sun sets. -- every day

    The sun is about 1,400,000 kilometers in diameter

    = 1,400,000,000 meters

    It moves that distance in about 2 minutes -- we perceive the sun to be half a degree in size.

    When half the sun has set (and the center of the sun is on the horizon) there is still 700,000,000 meters of the sun visible.

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