how to survive period at school?

so i got my period 3 months ago, i will be back to school after 2 months 1/9, i'm really worried and thinking what can i do about period at school, i don't wear tampons i only wear pads, should i wear two? i am worried about taking one with me to the school, someone might see it and about the home i don't smell

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    8 years ago
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    Don't worry too much about it. After a while you won't even remember you have it. You have to remember that no one is going to look at you and think "oh that girl is on her period" because there's no way to tell. You should always bring at least an extra pad/tampon because the only way you're going to notice any 'smell' is if you don't change it in the first place. But no, theres no need to wear two simultaneuosly. You can always buy thicker or thinner pads, which obviously depends on your own body because everyones cycle is different. Again, as time goes on you will understand your time of the month better and better. If you're really conscious of any smell you can always bring a body spray but just remember that as long as you keep your hygiene in check that probably won't be a problem.

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    8 years ago

    You cant wear 2 pads at the same time!

    You can buy pads that are fragranced. Dont worry about taking some to school, all the girls do. It's more embaressing having the smell or leaking onto your clothes. You usually change a pad every 3-4 hours (depending on how much you bleed) anyway.

    Take a deodorant with you.

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    8 years ago

    "i am worried about taking one with me to the school, someone might see it "

    You mean someone might be shocked that a teen girl has periods? Really?

    Nobody cares, and the only time they will even notice is if you make a song and dance about it. Just change your pad when you go to the toilet, like you do at home. Surely your school has appropriate disposal units? But if not, just carry a non-seethrough plastic bag, wrap your used pad in toilet paper then in the bag, and put it right in the bottom of your schoolbag to dispose of when you get home.

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    Wear one with wings. I used to wear them at school just for extra safety. Keep some in your bag, hidden in a zipper bit. It's embarrassing if people see them - but hey it's natural, you can't help it! Everyone's human :-) its best to take extra with you in case you need to change your pad in the day. If you're worried about your pad smelling then just change it more frequently. Just because you're at school doesn't mean it should be any different than at home :-) you'll get used to it hun, good luck

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