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help me analyze an email reply....?

If someone I wrote an email to said the letter was "tremendous", what does it mean?

Let me just add it's an email I wrote to someone I recently met telling them what a great person I think they are. Their response was, "Wow, Melody, that's a tremendous letter."

I've read "tremendous" can mean either... Very great in amount, scale, or intensity.... OR Extremely good or impressive; excellent.

They also added they are going to write me again soon when they have the time to give my letter "the response it deserves"...

Let me just add the email was to my new tattoo artist who I've had two sessions with so far... I sent him the email based on conversation's we've had about various topics. I'm a little nervous because I have more appointments with him coming up (next one is in a month) and I don't want things to be awkward between us. I have built a good rapport with him but now I fear he thinks I was hitting on him, which I wasn't.

When I first read his response I had positive vibes about it, then gave iut some thought (my first mistake!) and didn't want him to feel obligated in any way due to our business relationship, so I sent him a quick response to him that same day just saying, "nonsense...have a great day!" with a smiley...

Do you think his response was negative or positive? Do you think he will still respond in more detail? It's already been a week.

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    i think it sounds like he's very flattered that you have such a high opinion of him. end. no more thinking melody! just take a deep breath and relax. i think his response was positive and he's probably reading into what you wrote. i'll admit i'm surprised he hasn't replied yet but if it were me i would give him space and wait, which of course is easier said than done, but really there's no point reading into the few words he quickly shot you, there's just not enough there to get any real answers.

    all i can really suggest is that you be patient and try not to over-think it. his response was definitely positive, so i'm sure everything that follows will be positive

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    He meant that he was flattered (as in he didn't know you liked him and is happy about it). He was going to write you back his feelings (to tell you he likes you back or is either in a relationship - letting you down easy), but he may not write back now because of your response. Just act strictly professional next time you see him and probably no more small talk. That should do it.

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