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I feel so stupid for doing this?

Ill be blunt, because i need your help. I tried to commit suicide.

Failed, and now I'm wishing I never did

Before it though I was feeling so helpless, unneeded and unwanted.

Everything just sorta weighed down on me.

And it became too much.

Now I'm really worried word is going to spread at work, (I work in fast food)

And everyone is going to think I'm melodramatic, and looking for attention.

There's a 50/50 chance they'll find out.

What is worse, my first love, who I recently split up with (he isn't why I did it) is going to think I'm a complete mental case, and they'll be no chance of a recovery between us.

Or that hell think its his fault, or I'm just trying to guilt him for leaving me or some **** like that.

Would you want to be with a suicidal basket case?

I don't know what I was thinking.

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    Please know how to forget and forgive the bad past. Never repeat such mistakes. Take failures as a stepping stone for future successes.

    "Know for certain. To commit a mistake is a crime; to be lazy is a greater crime and to neglect your duty and offer excuses is the greatest crime."

    It is good to be born a child. But it is bad to remain an innocent child always. Become a Master soon. Never like to remain a disciple for ever. Maturity is required. Never give up. Never lose hope. Always have faith. It allows you to cope up. Trying times will pass. As they always do. Just have patience. Your dreams will come true. So put on a smile in your face. Face is the index of your mind. You will live through your pain. Know it will pass. And strength, you will gain again.

    Smile. It costs nothing. It does lot of wonders in your life. It is contagious. Thus spread happiness. There are many languages on earth, Smile speaks them all.

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    Listen, this is coming from someone who has tried to commit suicide and been hospitalized in the "mental health" ward at least half a dozen times - most people aren't going to think you're a basket case, and the ones who are aren't worth your time anyways. People will see that you're emotionally stressed and may act a bit awkward around you, but it's only because they're not sure how to help you and don't know what to avoid in order to not upset you. If people begin to act awkwardly around you, just talk to them. Let them know how you're feeling, and what they can do/avoid to best help you.

    Also, why should people at your workplace know? You're not obligated in any way to tell them what happened. I worked in fast food as well, and for quite some time I was working every day with easily seen scars from cutting on my arms - no one ever mentioned a thing, and it's likely that if the topic of your attempted suicide is brought up, it will be out of concern for your health and someone trying to reach out to you.

    One thing you have to do though - stop stressing about what other people are going to think. It'll just add to the emotional strain you already carry. Relax, and stop worrying about what others think. Honestly, most people will either continue life as normal and never bring it up, or will want to help you and not judge you.

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    You'd be surprised at how short people's memories are. If anyone does find out you tried to commit suicide they will be shocked and all that but then they'll see you tomorrow and you'll be smiling and acting like your normal self and all that suicide stuff will fade away.

    i can tell you are young because you think everyone is always thinking about you. Sorry, but no. Everyone is thinking about themselves and worrying about how they are perceived by the world.

    No, i would not want to be with a suicidal basket case but they might be fun to be friends with. As long as they still have a sense of humour, can still laugh when things seem serious but then you realize it's not bad as you think and aren't constantly feeling sorry for themselves.

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    suicide is a horrible thing. don't ever try to do it because you really don't understand how much everyone loves you, even if they don't show It much. reachout is a free helpline that's listens to people like you and shows you things you could do. http://au.reachout.com/

    for more info

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