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Why is my boyfriend acting like this?

Recently he has been having some weird sleeping patterns because of insomnia. I would usually stay awake with him at night to keep him company. Today he was normal, and messaged me when he woke up. He told me that he as going back to sleep, but when he woke back up, hours later, he was in a bad mood. As i tried to talk to him, he just seemed to be getting angry at me as he basically said that he doesn't care if he sleeps though our date. when i tried he ask him if everything was alright,he ignored me.

I know that he's probably angry that he didn't break his insomnia cycle because he once again slept all day, but why is he taking it out on me?

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    I suffer from insomnia- hence the reason I'm up right now. Insomnia can really take a toll on a person: agitation and irritability are common symptoms of the tired and weary. Be understanding, and ask him kindly not to take it out on you. Just comfort him and help him with his issues. Hopefully he will feel bad and return the love.

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    All because of insomnia, that is making him cranky

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    8 years ago

    dump him

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