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My GF left me because her feelings changed?

It's been exactly 1 month since we broke up, honestly I miss her so much. But here I go: Me and her were together for 2 months, we would always hang out after school the entire day, then when school ended around the last few weeks of May, she went workaholic mode and started working like 5 days a week. We only would see each other like 2 days and when we saw each other finally, we got into conversation about it, we almost broke up, but she said we would continue on and was willing to work things out. Then the weekend came and I was at her house both nights and I got to meet pretty much all her family! They were all so friendly and they treated me nicely. So I thought it was step forward in our relationship, and thought to myself this is going to work. We went 2 days without seeing each other because of her job, that Wed we went hiking with friends as we usually did then after it, I asked her if her feelings were still the same because she was still acting a bit weird and told me no. I was so devastated, so we just broke up. I then was so angry because all she would say is "my feelings changed" "it's not the same anymore" but no explanation!! We haven't seen each other since then, we've talked only twice and they haven't been good conversations. Ugh I miss her, I mean I know 2 months isn't the greatest thing in the world, but a tried a lot of new things that I didn't try with other girls, she's truly special but I guess she just threw everything away: times at the beach, movies, hiking, disneyland, her coming over :'( what should I do? Just wait?

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    OK, u dated for 2 months then she says her feelings have changed. And u break up. When someone says that to u it means she no longer wants u to be her boyfriend, it doesn't mean she hates u. It also doesn't necessarily means she has met someone new either (but it may). Sorry, but things like this happen on a regular basis, usually 1 person is hurt, this time it's u. What are u waiting for? Sorry u are hurting, this has happened to everyone at one time. Grieve, get over it and move on. Good luck! BTW my advise is... don't contact her in ANY way, just get over her. U will just come off as needy which is extremely unattractive! *"Friendly" answered below hates as he says 99% of western woman, so don't listen to him. I guess he thinks western females are devils and men are all saints, lol.

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    She left you because she is self centered and another guy has her attention for now until she gets tired of him too and moves on to yet another guy. Unfortunately the majority of girls in western society have been taught to put themselves before anyone else and this allows them to be cold, indifferent, aloof, confusing etc all while they bounce from guy to guy not even knowing what they really want. Right now she is probably in the company of a bad boy who she thinks has more swagger than you do and she could care less about your feelings. Move on and stay away from 99% of girls. Look out for that 1% that are selfless, humble, caring, loyal, family oriented and who would never try to hurt you or leave you confused. Best wishes my friend

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    I totally feel for you man. I'm with a girl now who dumps me and comes back constantly. If she's even away for a few days, I feel like my world is crashing. So first, be strong and uplift yourself by being active, focusing on hobbies, and trying to divert your attention to other things. This girl is giving you the complete cold shoulder, so I feel like it truly is just something she doesn't want anymore. There could be a number of factors, and she doesn't seem up to talk about it either.

    My advice: Move on. Sucks. Hurts. Doesn't feel good, right? I know. But do it, and do it as fast as you can so you can get on with your life. There are so many opportunities that may pass you by if you don't ( one of those opportunities could be your total dream girl). Best of luck to you buddy.

    Answer mine if you will? Going through hard relationship times myself. :;_ylt=AmJt2...

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    My situation is s similar to yours except our relationship lasted almost 2 years. The best Solution is just to let her go... (for now at least) you will always miss her if he feel so strongly towards her.... leave her for a few more weeks.... and then just randomly drop her a text.. ask her how she is and hows work going.. keep it simple but nice and thoughtful...

    Good luck

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    I think she just simply stopped liking you. Maybe because she met someone at her work? You should just wait for someone else.

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    Don't be sad, remember bus,train and GF .one will go another will come.You should happy he left you cuz she has not that much brain to feel your love.

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