how can i query my status for the Canadian immigration assessment?

I just got a response from Canada with my case number and I would like to know what is next and how to get my name spell correctly

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  • C.M. C
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    8 years ago
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    Antonett, Steven just gave you a link to one of our departments, if you go to the link, and go to menu, there is a section that you can go to and checks your status, now that you have been issued a case number which is also your reference number or file number.

    I would not worry about your name not being spelt incorrectly, as the name on the application will be the name that will show up on your PR card, and in two and a half years your citizenship certificate.

    If it is such a problem for you, there is a local number and a 1800 number at the bottom of the letter usually which you can call and have the matter rectified, make sure you have the reference number handy when you call, they are going to ask for it.

  • SteveN
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    8 years ago

    ALL communications for immigration to Canada should be done with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada ( If you are dealing with anyone else, you are likely to get scammed or defrauded.

    Using your case number, you should be able to look up the status on their website. On the home page, they clearly state "Check Application Status":

    If you have information that is incorrect, like your name is not spelled correctly, then you must amend your application. They have advice on the website as to how you can change your address, but not to correct your name. I would recommend that you contact the Canada visa office or consulate where you sent your immigration forms and speak with a representative who can advise exactly how to fix that.

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