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How to fix Google Play?

every time i click on the play store icon it looks like it starts to open then before the page could even load it closes and if i do it enough times it says sorry play store isnt responding...anyone heard of this before? and whenever i restart my phone this message pops up, unfortunately, the has stopped

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    sounds like you have a problem with your phones software not the play store,

    not sure what phone you have but do a soft reset then a hard reset of the phone,

    i would check for updates on the phone, can tell you how as i dont know what phone but for samsung use the kies software, sony use sony companion, an ddo a fresh repair of your phone, do a backup first for all your pictures, vidoes, music, apps etc and click repair,

    it will install a fresh version of the latest android software on your phone and it should be fixed. it will wipe the phone in the process clearing off every app,

    try the app store, if it works click on your back up and restore the back up, this will put all your personal items back on,

    click play store again if it works all done,

    if it has a problem after the restore then its one of your apps that is causing the play store to stop responding.

  • 4 years ago

    I have an LG phone and I cant get google play.I been trynig to get play store and never can get it and I even to it to the att store and let them see what was wrong and I dont know what they did and still not working

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