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Ik I'm a **** up friend but listen?

Ok my friend who is honestly a jackass to all the girls he dates is dating my friend I have had feelings for for years now he told my friend he would drop her like nothing for another girl I flipped out on him

..then I told her how I feel about her and she said she felt the same about me she never broke up with him because she's scared but she came over my house she put my hand down her pants and started kissing me and we had you know what and then I found out she was hanging out with him the next day and I cried and **** and she told him I was crying over her and he told me not to text her or him anymore and I told him everything me and her did he didn't leave her but he tried to fight me and I broke his arm and now both of them hate me sooooo anyways I don't know what to do we share the same friends have every class together next year so help

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    Brihale sounds spot on. They don't sound like good friends either, especially your friend who said he would leave her for someone else. They don't sound like good people to be around, and if they avoid you and don't make an effort to be friends again (because they aren't completely innocent here either), then just make new friends and move on.

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    To be honest the prdoba bly doesnt hate u shes probably scared cause of ur friend the best thing 2 do is 2 send her a text 1st apologize then say that we need 2 tlk

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    Your friend sounds like a sucky person. That girl also sounds like a sucky person. I think you shouldn't have done it with her because even though she said she wanted you, she was still dating your friend and that's not really okay. Anyway, it sounds like they were doing this out of kicks. Even if they weren't, that's what it looks like. I think you should just move on, maybe try to repair your friendship with them and if they keep avoiding you then just let it go and move on.

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    LOL bro, L-O-L

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