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My dog has had half a bar of toffee crisp chocolate bar should i bring him to the vet?

My pet dog A.j. at around 7 p.m. had found a toffee crisp bar accidentally in our back garden i came out to check up on him and found him on the grass eating at the bar he ate around half of it. i have heard the saying 'Don't give a dog chocolate or he will die' and i don't know what to do now can someone help know what to do?


Thank you i think he is ok it was light chocolate and it didn't show any signs so i might take it tomorrow in-case of any serious problems. though apart from restlessness he is like he was 5-6 hrs ago

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    Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water and force it into his throat with a medicine syringe.... As much as possible. He should vomit almost immediately. This is the same thing the vet will do. Good luck!!!

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    It depends on the size of the dog, and the size of that toffee crisp bar. If he's a chihuahua you had better start digging a grave. If its a St Bernard he might just have a bit of runny stool. If he's a medium to smaller sized dog I would definately go to the vet. If he's a biggun, you are probably safe. I know my black lab got into some chocolate and ate practically a whole bar. She squirted a strange color stool all over the garage floor and was sick for a day or two. But she's fine now.

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    Well i don't think he will die,but your dog might get sick

    You should bring him just in case

    My cousin's dog got sick after eating some corn and rice

    Then it threw up so they took it to the vet

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    how seriouse it is depends on the size of your dog and what kind of choclate...dark choclate is a lot more seriouse then milk choclate..you can call your vet and get their advice. They might suggest inducing vomiting with a spoon of hydregon peroxide

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    You should bring him to the vet so that they can give him a checkup and make sure everything is alright and make sure that he doesn't get into anymore chocolate.

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