Do Trekkies dislike the new Star Trek Into Darkness/ J.J. abrams version?

As a huge Star trek fan I loved the current movies but I'm wondering what other Trekkies feel about it and if it lived up to their expectations?


LMAO that was so good COME ON Trekkies and Trek fans I really want opinions on the movies. What did you think?

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    8 years ago
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    Ive always been a Star Trek fan, We would always watch it and enjoy it. I was not disapointed with J.J Abrams reboot, even know there were some mistakes I over all really enjoyed it. The actors gave great emotinal depth and personality, and were just as good a the oringinal. I enjoyed this movie and so did My boyfriend, it had action, emotion, and a lot to offer! CONS: if you are traveling at light speed how do you shoot faisers? ANSWER you dont that would be scientificly impossible maybe torpedos but not faisers. RIPPEDOFF It was the exact storyline as The Wrath Of Khan, they just changed the title to Into Darkness. NOT THE SAME LOOK if your going to steal a story line you might has well have an actor who liked the oringinal Khan, but cumberbatch did a great perfomance and was great at acting this part. Wtf BEAMING Transarp beaming is impossible! There is no way you would be able to beam onto a ship at light speed that is most likley millions of ligjtyears away... PROS: the acting was amazing, it was like the cast had known each other for years, it was cool to see them work together. LIGHT FLARES i liked how J.J Abrams brought in the ligjt flares instead of using all electronics they used the light flares which made it seem more realistic! NEW TWIST i think the alternate reality was really smart even no some trekkies might disgree i thought it was clever. To get to the point ive been watching Star Trek since I was 5 I thought I was going to hate this one but i really liked it i recomend you see it I was impressed and i am pretty tough on movies but this was reallly good i think anyone who disagrees just wants the exact same characters to be comanding a ship on little rascals.... Its fresh new and exactly what the franchise needed.

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    This new crap IS NOT STAR TREK! It's Star Wars with Star Trek Characters. Plus the stories are sloppy drivel. Those liking it are NOT Real Star Trek Fans. While there are a few superficial fans who like the new garbage MOST ARE BOLD-FACED LIARS! They work for either Abrams or Paramount. It's THEIR JOB to go on various Facebook pages, Or Web pages and Talk those Wanna-be Trek Movies up. And Sadly it does work to a degree. Some Fools are easily led by the nose. But not Real Trekkies. WE stand our ground and think LONG AND HARD before we change our mind about anything.

    Abrams stabbed all REAL Trekkies in the back with this Dry, Boring Crappy Reboot of Star Trek. The Characters went from Heroes to Zeroes! From Classy to Trashy!

    Roddenberry would have never allowed any of this garbage if he were alive!

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    I'm a hard core Trekkie ever since I was in diaers and LONG before Star Trek: The Next Generation came into light. And I do not love any Star Trek movie because of the name Star Trek where I gave a low rating for Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier and Star Trek: Nemesis. Plus Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan set the bar so high that prior to JJ's Star Treks, Star Trek: First Contact was the only Star Trek that came close to TWOK standards.

    Both Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness met and exceeded Wrath Of Khan standards, and it has nothing to do with special effects or lens flare.

    Source(s): I'm a hard core Trekkie.
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    8 years ago

    Well if you mean by having JJ Abrams butcher the original material of Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan and renaming it Star Trek 2: Into Darkness.......of course the Trekkies have every single reason to hate it.

    I can't wait for Star Trek 3: The Search for Kirk's Soul. And just to have a twist the director JJ Abrams will have the crew of the Enterprise create PETA in 1980's era California.

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  • 8 years ago

    They are awesome! What are you talking about! I'm sure most Trekkies love the new movies.

  • 8 years ago

    i was not to crazy about the new trek movie the Alternate universe thing is a little silly to me and they already used it in the first movie With the new cast .

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    8 years ago


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