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What does the CIA do?

Just want to know what they do like the spy's and their missions and things and what types of jobs are available please add detail with the types of jobs in CIA

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  • Spike
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    8 years ago
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    CIA's Directorate of Intelligence


    CIA Analyst: A CIA Analyst writes report the same way a economic analyst would on the analysis of the economy. Only a CIA Analyst's would be analysis on things related to intelligence warfare. The people that would be looking at a Analyst's report are the CIA Director, Deputy Director, Deputy Director of Intelligence and Deputy Director of National Clandestine Service. It is in their meetings together they decide how important is a Analyst's report, like is it just a regular daily intelligence report or more then that. IF it important enough, then not with the next regular Presidential Daily Briefing. Policy makers are also the ones that get to see the analysis report like the President of the U.S., Director of National Intelligence, the President's National Security Advisor, Secretary Of State, members of the Senate Intelligence and members of the House Intelligence(that is IF they request any at a hearing). It is very rear that the analyst who wrote the report will go along to the briefing, unless requested by the Director and Deputy Director of Intelligence, or how they see things in their meeting. Some of the sections in this department are CounterIntelligence Center/analysis Group, Iraq Analysis, Terrorism Analysis, Policy Support, Asian Pacific, Latin America And African Analysis, Russian and European Analysis. Two of the majors for this are history and economics.

    CIA's National Clandestine Service (use to be called the Directorate of Operations from the mid 70s to a few years after 9/11)


    CIA Operation Officer: A regular CIA Operation Officer is almost like a business person, when on the job. They are NOT train to use or issued a handgun at all. Two of the things a regular CIA Operation Officer does is recruiting and dead drop. A Dead Drop is when a another spy from another country leaves a single and package or for you pick up at a location. What he or she leaves could could anything, like even just a note. Some might even meet one that want to defect. A regular CIA Operation Officer always have a cover as a news reporter, news photographer, embassy worker or a business person. A four year degree with one of the right majors is required.

    CIA Operation Officer in Special Activity Division: Operation Officer in Special Activity Division, are all either former Army Special Forces, Delta Force, Army Ranger or Navy Seals. CIA Operation Officer in Special Activity Division are the only Operation Officers in the CIA train to use a handgun and a M4. Some of the stuff they Special Activity Division does are Hearst integration(like water boarding), ambushes, sabotage and sometime work along side with any U.S. Special Operation Forces. A famous fictional former CIA Operation Officer in Special Activity Division is Tom Clancy's John Clark. CIA Operation Officer in Special Activity Division are not fully military dress when in the field, they dress more like a mercenary and private military contractor. Which is called paramilitary. Operation Officer in Special Activity Division is also trained to do what a regular CIA Operation Officer does, so when there are not enough Special Activity Division type stuff, they go do that. Beside having to have been a U.S. Special Operation Forces soldier from one of the branches of the military, a four year college degree with the one the right majors is also required.

    CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology


    Don't know what the officers that work in this directorate are called

    Some of the stuff here are satellite, satellite photos, things used for bugging a enemy's place.

    CIA's Directorate of Support(use to be called the Directorate of Administration)


    Don't know what the officers that work in this directorate are called

    This where the CIA Director and Depuheadquarterr's security detail would be. Also the security at CIA headquarter in Langley. Public Affairs should be here also. There other stuff that here.

    NOTE: Being a CIA Analyst and a regular CIA Operation Officer still have to have join the military. But there is two way for this you can go to college and get your degree first. After that join the CIA, then they sent to work in the military for one of the branches. You will be commissioned with rank and don't even have to go through basic training. that is what happen with Robert M. Gates early in his career. But if youjoin the military first then college and then the CIA. Yes one would have to go theough basic training.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Do things that u will never know about . The CIA helps save American lives everyday and u don't even know about it so when people bad talk about he agency remember why ur free and happily living without countries threating us everyday

  • Bob D1
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    8 years ago

    ("What does the CIA do? ...")


    See: How the CIA's Fake Vaccination Campaign Endangers Us All

    See: Vets Sue CIA, DoD Over Military Experiments ...

    Best regards

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  • 8 years ago

    They collect information around the world and use that to their advantage!

    They have a website and they are hiring. Look at those position posting!

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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Thank you. This is the funniest question I have seen on here all day.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Kill people and destibilize foreign governments.

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