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Are there any scenic steam engine trains, old fashioned like from 19c in new England?

I want to go on a scenic train ride through the countryside preferably . I live in Boston.

I've been to Essex, Connecticut steam train but that's only one I know of. I go to the Essex, CT steam train every December for the polar express train with my young children

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    Look on line there are several historic train rides in New England, it just depends on where you want to go.

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    You must be kidding? I grew up in downtown Boston. There was always legacy trains in the cranberry bog regions of MA. You remind me of the character from the Big Bang Theory! Have you ever left your home state? Plenty of 19 Century trains in New England, Upstate New York, the Midwest, Southwest, Copper Canyon, Mexico, and of course Alaska and the Yukon Territory. Dude you have to get out of your parent's basement apartment !

    Source(s): Born, raised and educated in the city he claims to be from!
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    I believe the train on Mt Washington is a steam train.

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