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Why sumo wrestlers dont build muscles instead of fats ?

i dont know why they dont diet... i think they can increase there weight with muscles instead of fats

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    7 years ago
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    Sumo wrestlers actually are very muscular, however, it's not lean muscle like you see a lot of WWE superstars, or UFC fighters having. Instead, that muscle is covered by a lot of fat. If a sumo were to become lean muscular, that would involve shedding the excess fat, and therefore, weight. In a competition that involves using your own body to push (wrestle) another person out of the edge of the ring, having more bodyweight is an extra asset, atop of your technique. Sumo wrestling is generally less technical than other forms of wrestling, like Greco Roman (though I'm not taking anything away from sumo wrestling), and as such, instead of focussing on different types of takedowns, and holds, sumos focus primarily on their size, and stability.

    Generally, to win a sumo match is done one of two ways: 1) To overpower your opponent using your size and strength or 2) By finding a way to throw off your opponent's balance. If you are bigger, and heavier, it is much harder to be beaten with straight up strength, or to have your balance exploited.

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    sumo wrestlers eat massive quantities of high-protein chankonabe - a chicken, fish and tofu (and sometimes horse) stew and build their weight of as much muscle as possible

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    SUMO wrestlers will never give smakes like wwe,tna superstars they always want to push so they want fat in their body

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    4 years ago

    What you're doing is an effective commence, yet you also needs to observe what you devour. eating in good structure (such issues as celery are tremendous because you burn extra energy digesting them than they incredibly include!), and workout are the in trouble-free words belongings you want with the intention to shed some pounds. The 0.5-hour of operating is a very good commence, do exactly extra cardio and do not devour interior of two hours of your bedtime.

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