How get Chef job in cargo ship?

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    There are many ways. I don’t know your background or where you are from so it’s hard to be specific. If you’re looking for a job on an American ship you’ll need some paperwork to start: a TWIC card, Merchant Mariners Credential, an STCW and probably a passport. Check out the Coast Guard website at, which stands for National Maritime Center. It’s the best source of information on seamen’s paperwork. Those papers are going to cost you between $500 and $1000, the STCW requires a five day class in Basic Safety Training that usually runs around $500. But without the paperwork no one can hire you. Maybe non-American companies can, that I don’t know.

    All of the paperwork requirements aren’t as bad as it at first seems. Many marine cooks make $100k a year, counting benefits, so if it was simple there would be a lot more competition for jobs. Get the paperwork and you’ll find a job. If it’s what you really want to do, take your time, pay the money, get the paperwork and you’ll be successful – if you can cook.

    Now, where to look for work once you have the paperwork: call Seafarers International Union (SIU) and Inland Boatman’s Union (IBU). They both have a good websites containing a lot of important information. Also check out the Military Sealift Command website, they also hire steward’s department personnel also. I would also check out the offshore energy rigs, as none of them are union, but pay very well.

    I should point out there are no Chefs on cargo ships, only Chief Stewards and Chief Cooks, so don’t ask for a Chef’s job as it shows that you don’t have any experience at sea (Cruise ships and yachts do employ Chefs.) So if you are really good you also might consider a private yacht. Some of them are huge and pay pretty well; they usually crew out of South Florida. Keep in mind almost all of the websites on the internet offering to find you a job for a fee on a ship or rig are scams. You will do much better researching the unions and companies on the web and applying directly.

    I’ve got a book on joining the industry out in a month or so called The Big Bucks Guide to Shipping Out as a Merchant Seaman that you can get at soon. But if you call the unions and investigate Military Sealift Command you might do just fine too.If you email me at I’ll be happy to answer any specific questions you might have. Good Luck

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