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Would this figure fit the role as horror characters such as Leatherface, Jason, Michael Myers etc.?

6'3 - 245 lbs with visible abs, been into weightlifting and various sports for 6+ years now. Would this fit the menacing horror killer image for a short film?

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    It's pretty vague. But don't forget Hannibal Lecter is a horrific killer, as was Norman Bates, and didn't need to be physically domineering. Creepy is unexpected, not in your face. And surely the characters to which you are referring are famous because of their disguise, not the shape of their body. Someone wearing a mask is always creepy because you don't know who or what is behind it. A smiling mask is creepy because the smile is false - the person behind it might be growling with anger. And when they strike, it's creepy because the smile is happy, yet impassive - which is what we imagine an unhinged person is like when killing - they don't feel our pain or empathise at all, they're just smiling while we scream.

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