How do I clean the evaporator on a 1999 Chrysler LHS?

I've got the evaporator stink that comes from having a dirty, moldy evaporator... How can I clean it without having to take the whole dash assembly off?

I've been thinking of having a pan with pure bleach on the floor and then running the air on full blast for a while to have the chlorine-infused air go through the evaporator and hopefully kill the mold, but I'd be happier with a way of spraying a cleaner directly onto the evaporator and brushing it off. Any suggestions?

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  • 6 years ago
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    This is a known issue. Go to your local parts store and pick up 3 or 4 cans of "Evap-clean" and a bottle of mold inhibitor from your local building center. From under the car locate the plenum drain hose and make sure it is not clogged. When it is clean and open, plug the end of the hose. From under the dash, remove the blower motor resistor. Just to the left of the hole is the evaporator. Cover the carpet with a plastic sheet, put on safety glasses and spray the evaporator liberally with the cleaner, moving the nozzle up and down and sideways. Good idea to keep all the doors open, this stuff stinks of chlorine. When you are satisfied that you got it clean, let it sit undisturbed for 20 - 30 minutes. After that time, remove the plug from the drain and let it drain into a pan. With the blower resistor connected, but not installed, cover the mounting hole with paper and tape, start engine and run the fan at max for 10 -15 minutes with all doors open. After the time, when the smell is gone, put the heating system on max cold, recirculate. There will be a blend door near the blower that will open, sucking air in from the floor. With the fan on high, start spraying the mold inhibitor into the intake vent. Give it a minimum of half the bottle. Reinstall the resistor and you are set for another 5 years.

  • 6 years ago

    You can find several products at the parts store that will do this. One is by BG called frigi fresh. You just spray them through the fresh air vent. They work too

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