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In need of strengthening shampoos?!? HELP!?

So recently, My hair got super matted together & tangled. In order to get all the tangles out, I had to break off alot of my hair, & I lost about two handfuls of hair.

My hair is SUPER thick & SUPER curly. So it didnt really hurt to loose it. It actually mightve helped get rid of some of the dead ends & stuff.. My hair comes down to right under my boobs. But, i need a shampoo/ any products that will strengthen my hair, and make it healthy again! Making is grow is also a plus!! Please helps! Any tips? :)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Use horse shampoo. Ik it sounds crazy, but it works. It has special vitamins and protein in it that your hair needs and doesn't get from regular shampoos. It'll help make your hair grow faster, it'll make it stronger, it'll make it shiny, and it'll just help restore health to your hair. It also makes your nails grow :)

    Ik it sounds weird but it's a secret most people don't know about.

    Last year I tried bleaching black hair dye out of my hair and and it tuned blotchy so I chopped all my hair off (it was literally buzzed in the back) I used horse shampoo everyday starting the day I cut it and a year later (I hadn't touched my hair with scissors since except my bangs) my hair is now to right under my boobs :) and it's super healthy even though I color it once a month :)

    Source(s): Personal experience
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