Am I bisexual? (I'm a guy)?

This is going to sound weird, but to start off, I've always been sexually interested in women. I'm really only turned on by women.

However, I'm also able to acknowledge when a man is good looking. In most every day situations, I don't find men good looking, but in my opinion, there's no denying that young Leonardo DiCaprio was good looking, as well as Zayn Malik. They're just really attractive I guess, but the thing is, the thought of doing anything sexual with them, or any man for that matter, repulses me, like I cringe.

So to sum things up: I like women, always have, but some men are attractive to me, but the thought of me getting sexual with men repulses me. Thoughts?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I don't think your bisexual; I think you are just honest. Lots of guys can admit when another guy is good looking even if they never vocalize their acknowledgement. I think this means you're just aware of appearance.

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