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Name suggestions please?

This isn't a question, I know, but just.... I'm thinking of baby names. And when I say "make up as many names as you want" I mean: first, middle, and last. Boy or girl. Both if you can :)

Thank you so much to everyone who answers it!!!

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    Lucian Oliver

    Hudson Lucas

    Evan Mitchell

    Ryan Zachary

    Elijah Mason

    Auden Gabriel

    Benjamin Nathaniel

    William Andrew

    Wesley James

    Carson Hunter

    Evander Patrick

    Austin Robert

    Carson Orion

    Elias Dean

    Gabriel Phillip

    Cato Tobias

    Rowan Jasper

    Hudson James

    Owen Madden

    Alexander Jackson

    Hudson Michael

    Beckett Abraham

    Nicholas Wyatt

    Wyatt Nicholas

    Liam Mason

    Ryan Elijah

    Kieran Liam

    Evan Carter

    Luca Mitchell

    Ian Ryker

    Logan Matthew

    Ian Evander

    Evan Daniel

    Gareth Andrew

    Niall Evan

    Malik Elias

    Nixon Evander

    Merrick Ezra

    Jackson Bentley

    Jeremiah Adam

    Matthew Curtis

    Roman Sebastian

    Garrison Flint

    Ian Alexander

    Caden Evan

    Liam Oliver

    Anthony Gerard

    Lennon Michael

    Hunter Vance

    Zayn Alexander

    Jackson Hawk

    Luca Phillip

    Liam Miles

    Logan Nicholas

    Gabriel Ryan

    Declan Elias

    Spencer Jayce

    Derrick Flinn

    Mason Michael

    Ari Lucian

    Soren Mateo

    Louis Knox

    Wyatt Alan

    Owen Micah

    Jace Garrison

    Jarek Gabriel

    Liam Alexander

    Luca Rhys

    Keane James

    Oliver Glen

    Noah Edward

    Leo William

    Jackson Lewis

    Logan Reid

    Mason Ross

    Keegan Darby

    Ethan Austin

    Levi Donovan

    Evan Shea

    Leon Edward

    Oliver James

    Evan Micah

    Louis Lucas

    Leon Alexander

    Lachlan Michael

    Auden Gale

    Dublin Gabriel

    Cohen Ezra

    Liam James

    Lucas Alexander

    Lachlan Daniel

    Ethan Carter

    Owen Auden

    Jake Orion

    Hudson Riley

    Hunter Alexander

    Ryan Nicholas

    Andrew Lorcan

    Louis Conor

    Grayson Ford

    Logan Caspian

    Preston Chase

    Evan Edward

    Leon Daniel

    Wyatt Olivander

    Liam Michael

    Declan James

    Leon Gabriel

    Louis Jeremiah

    Callum Garreth

    Louis Elias

    Gabriel Leon

    Adrian Thomas

    Aiden Everett

    Mason Christopher

    Logan James

    David Emmerson

    Lachlan Jude

    Lucian Evan

    Garret Andrew

    Auden Gareth

    Damien Elias

    Hunter Jace

    Owen Niall

    Jeremiah Maddox

    Sawyer James

    Louis Alexander

    Harry Lucas

    Declan Ryan

    Louis Simon

    Ethan Chase

    Noah Benjamin

    William Carson

    Mason Jacob

    Ryan Mason

    Landon Mathew

    Lucas Jeremiah

    Rowan Jeremy

    Liam Scott

    Griffin Reed

    Gareth Logan

    Kalen Jeremiah

    Lucian Merrick

    Sebastian Reese

    Jensen Alexander

    Auden Christopher

    Declan Jude

    Evan Lucas

    Nicholas Elijah

    Gareth Charles

    Ian Curtis

    Elias Quinn

    Dean Christopher


    Arianna Grace

    Ginevra Marie

    Melia Amethyst

    Eliana Charlotte

    Serena Harper

    Harper Serena

    Adriana Avaline

    Arianna Evelyn

    Aspen Lavinia

    Eliza Satine

    Thea Mae

    Seraphina Tatum

    Genevieve Aurora

    Melody Cheyenne

    Arianna Reagan

    Ginevra Grace

    Lucy Olivia

    Willow Harper

    Mackenzie Madison

    Audrey Grace

    Harper Delaney

    Linley Christine

    Briar Vienna

    Thea Elena

    Tatum Olivia

    Emily Monet

    Shania Faith

    Sophia Rose

    Isabella Carmen

    Amethyst Jade

    Cecily Adelaide

    Adelaide Cecily

    Raleigh Spencer

    Mason Elliot

    Avery Charlotte

    Madelyn Gwen

    Harper Sophia

    Mackenzie Grace

    Kristen Rose

    Eliana Joyce

    Ravenna Grace

    Haven Adelaide

    Ravena Claire

    Teagan Rile

    Evelyn Victoria

    Mya Reese

    Reagan Eleanor

    Teagan Willow

    Alison Carly

    Tenley Eloise

    Charlotte Serena

    Eliana Malia

    Ada Evelyn

    Lydia Eleanor

    Alana Addison

    Isabella Harlow

    Lydia Rose

    Eleanor Cecilia

    Delaney Payton

    Kendall Grace

    Mackenzie Olivia

    Charlotte Carson

    Lila Grace

    Audrey Harper

    Leah Arianna

    Lydia Mackenzie

    Hollis Sage

    Ginevra Annabeth

    Leah Adelaide

    Scarlet Primrose

    Delaney Jordan

    Madeline Liliana

    Caroline Rose

    Adalynn June

    Annabel Felicity

    Cecily Juliet

    Paige Gabrielle

    Avery Greer

    Addison Vivien

    Emily Mae

    Sophia Kate

    Linley Sage

    Darcy Alison

    Delaney Michelle

    Leona Grace

    Astoria Primrose

    Astoria Grace

    Malia Ashlyn

    Sienna Elizabeth

    Zoe Victoria

    Chloe Grace

    Leah Charlotte

    Logan Danielle

    Harmony Rose

    Allison Estelle

    Laurel Danielle

    Lainey Grace

    Lena Fay

    Linley Rose

    Eden Eliza

    Elora Tova

    Vienna Blair

    Tatum Aurora

    Eleanor Joanna

    Chloe Sophia

    Charlotte Olivia

    Aubrey Cadence

    Perrie Adeline

    Josie Ariel

    Zainah ?

    Delaney Rose

    Emery Adelaide

    Evelyn Lux

    Elena Jessamine

    Darcy Greer

    Ginevra Fay

    Audra Cassidy

    Vivienne Elyse

    Ginevra Adelaide

    Charlotte Grace

    Gemma Adeline

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    Eleanor Elizabeth Park

    Noah Grant ( can't think of last name)

    Calypso ( can't think of middle or last name, also this is a girls name)

    Noel Grant

    Violet Marie

    Perth( for a guy or girl. Most people don't like it but I love it for some reason)

    Stella Blue

    Kit ( guy or girl)


    Alexander Daniel Grahm

    Calgary ( don't even know whether that would be considered a boy or girls name. I like it but most people probably wouldn't)

    Source(s): Names I like. Some are stange. Sorry.
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    - Dylan Andrew

    - Ross Bentley

    - Jonas Benett

    - Liam Marshall

    - Michael Thomas


    - Gracie

    - Brittany Laine

    - Molly Katherine

    - Emma Kate

    - Darcy Laine

    - Elle Marie

    - Charlie Sue

    - Elizabeth Grace

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    7 years ago

    I know this will sound nerdy, but I love the names from the movie Inception. His wife's name Mal, (pronounced Mall), is a beautiful name. And their kids' names. James and Philipa. I'm sure that's how you spell it :P But Those are just some suggestions. I wish I could think of more!

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    Girl Names:

    ~ Britney

    ~ Alli

    ~ Marie

    Boy Names:

    ~ Matthew

    ~ Tyler

    ~ Chad

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    Well of course the last name isn't up to me so I will leve that but my personel favourite names are James, and Alice.

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