Football licence rules - for a youtube animation?

Hi all,

I'm planning to create a weekly animated football (soccer, for anyone on the other side of the pond) show next season based on whatever highlights have happened during the weekends action. It will be pretty low-key to start off with but I hope it will grow in popularity over time. I'm just concerned if I'm going to get myself into some kind of legal bother over it, especially if I choose to monetize the videos?

I'm not planning on using any real life commentary or copyrighted background sound - so I don't think I could get in trouble on that basis - but would I get in trouble for using real player names and vague likenesses? I was intending on leaving out logo's and kit designs to be on the safe side (for example, having Chelsea playing in a blank blue kit) - but am I likely to get in trouble for even just stating that this is an animated version of a goal by Gerrard for Liverpool? Is this any different to me creating a video of myself just talking through what a good goal it was by Gerrard?

I know the likely response will be to speak to a lawyer for a thorough answer, but just wanted to know if anyone had any idea where the line is on what I can or cant do?

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  • CMD
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    7 years ago
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    Check with YT and look about the net, tbh you should be Ok, the issue is not the kit it's the ownership content of the picture. If a photographer has take said pic and you have taken it from the Mirror/ Daily Mail or whatever paper that could be a problem.

    As the saying goes, "it's better to ask forgiveness than permission" the worst they can do is pull the video so don't worry too much.

    I write music for stuff like this, i'd post a link but there are too many plebs on here and i don't want the spam comments.

    Message me and we will talk about.

  • .G.
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    7 years ago

    Like in anything .. noone will care until you start making money. the bigger risk is someone copying you as you gain popularity and diluting your market.

    I would just get started and see where it goes.

    Good Luck

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    do it on mexican football best in the world

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    7 years ago

    interesting idea good luck!

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