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Which ps3 game should I buy?

Mass effect 3, inFamous 2, Red dead redemption GOTY, or The elder scrolls V: skyrim?

Tell me which game is the best and why. I like nice long answers.

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    mass effect 3 because its one of the best TPS and red dead redemption because many magazines put it in their must-have games.

    But my personal favourite:

    1.) The Last of Us cause its the best survival game this year

    2.) Bioshock Infinite cause it has best gameplay, best graphics, and best story

    3.) Batman Arkham City cause the stealth gameplay is awesome

    4.) Dark Souls cause its the most challenging RPG i ever play

    5.) Little Big Planet cause its funny gameplay, bring much humour

    6.) Bayonetta cause unique gameplay

    7.) Borderlands 2 cause it has RPG in this FPS game

    8.) NFS Most Wanted cause its the best open world racing

    9.) Portal 2 cause it has challenging puzzle in this FPS

    10.)Dishonored because its the best Stealthy FPS so far

    Source(s): Playstation Magazine
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  • 7 years ago

    RDR isnt worth it, I didnt like Mass effect 3 but Skyrim is one of the best games ive played in a while. It does require a level of patience but if you love the RP genre you will love this game.

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  • 7 years ago

    Buy TES V Skyrim, it's the best game I've ever played , buy all the DLCs if you can, if not it's still a very good game, you can play it for hundreds of hours and still not get bored, you will always find something new.

    Source(s): Played both RDR and Skyrim.
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  • 7 years ago

    Just get THe Last of Us

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