What's it take to educate citizens of USA that the Usury of the World Banking Sys & Federal Res must GO?

My term GO means Outlawing from existing in any form! Being replaced by the nation citizenship as owners and direct rulers and controllers of our money.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a private owned arm of the very private owned World Banking System!

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  • 8 years ago
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    it's the new slavery - invented by the europeans when they figured out that keeping slaves was a gigantic hassle.

    slaves had to be housed, clothed, fed and kept warm and healthy.

    wage slaves have to do all of that for themselves.

    this is the real reason why nations like england outlawed slavery before the usa.

    central banks (which most americans don't even realize are private banks) rule the world - and nothing you or i say, will change that as you can see in some of the responses.

    people want proof that a cartel of international bankers own the federal reserve, which is by the way, the usa's 3rd central bank - the previous two were abolished. they were called the first and then second national banks.

    so a group of 10 banks 'own' the federal reserve - which is about as federal as the federal express.

    but here's where it gets beyond crazy - SIX OF THE 10 OWNING BANKS (of the united states central bank) ARE EUROPEAN.

    from rome, hamburg, berlin, london and paris.

    the primary function of the federal reserve is to supply the usa with it's currency - WHICH IT CHARGES US INTEREST ON.

    the most interesting thing is we don't need to pay this interest - if only congress would do the job outlined for them in the constitution.

    this basic fact of fiscal and banking life in america render all of the debt 'debates' going on in congress utterly meaningless.

    who do we owe most of our interest on our debt to?

    china - no.

    japan - no.

    the netherlands - no.

    we owe it to the international banksters.

    if the govt really wanted to deal with debt and out of control spending, they would abolish the fed - which does nothing but manipulate our economy to keep the banksters as rich as possible.

    but wait, there's a story about some movie star not wearing panties today - so you better leave this page right away...

  • Sure--because if it's in a Youtube video, it _must_ be true. Care to provide some proof that it's private using primary sources?

    While you're at it, could you please provide an example of another private company that was a) created by Congress, b) has it's board nominated by the President, and c) has that board confirmed by the Senate?

    Just one other example--that's all I ask.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Americans tend to ignore that sin.

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