what are your views on proctor and gamble? symbol PG?

thank you.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I don't think anyone will argue against Proctor & Gamble on a fundamental basis...pays a decent dividend of around 3% yield on a quarterly basis, Makes $2-4Billion Net Revenue per quarter and has stable debt...nothing to beef about there.

    Technical Analysis will show what is going on now with the share price though.


    the stock price has hit a ceiling at $82.00...it is an all time high for this company...it has tried twice in the past (April and May) year to breach this resistance but failed...it looks to me that starting today it will attempt another try at clearing this resistance as it has just passed a minor resistance at $79.00 - 79.50 today...I say it has passed this point that is in early trading so it could fall back again but looks good so far.

    Supports are at $77.00 and then $75.00....that bearish plunge in June seems over for now


    yep, this stock is definitely going to take a run at that resistance level of $82

    The Slo Sto and MACD have a strong positive slope for a couple of weeks now and the BBWidth is just not showing an upturn meaning that the Bollinger Bands are diverging with the share price at the upper band...It just passed the 50dayMA a few days ago...very bullish


    Here is the confirmation chart

    RSI is just starting its rise from being very neutral...now is neutrally bullish

    OnBal Vol continues its positive slope ... bullish

    The ADX DI +/- is at the point of making a bullish cross with the green line on top - very bullish


    the CMF is bearish but it seems to be out-voted by the other indicators so I would not pay much attention to it as it is the only bearish sign....the CCI is bullish

    In the Ichimoku chart you can visually see what the stocks problem was technically....it was stuck under that cloud for most June...today it is forcing its way through the cloud in a more positive manner...if you look closely you see 2 thin lines (Red and Blue) the Blue has cut through the red very strongly...In the middle of June when the price briefly appeared above the cloud....the Red line was far above the blue...this suggests to me that this charge is real


    I definitely think that P&G will take a serious run at the $82.00 resistance again. Whetehr or not it passes this resistance is another question...a question that only can be answered when the breach is attempted.

    IF it passes $82.00 it will probably go for another bullish run of significance because this $82 level was so hard to pass.

    Depending on your risk tolerance you might buy in now and be vigilant as you approach $82.00 ...or wait to see the result of the challenge to the resistance level..

    Looks good so far anyway...all signs say bullish

  • 7 years ago

    If you're talking about the old urban legend that Proctor and Gamble's logo symbolizes Satanism, that is a very old story that has been debunked for years. It's a bunch of crap.

  • John
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    7 years ago

    It's about the bluest of the blue chips - one of only a handful of companies that can issue AAA rated corporate debt. It is analyzed by lots of analysts and if it is not efficiently priced then nothing is. That means that the options chain gives the probability distribution of future stock prices and all the opinions in the world are useless....

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