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Which is your preference for bathing in-----? Give reasons too?

1..In a bath/shower room

2..Private Swim-pool

3.. Public swim pool

4..Under a natural stream

5.. In a river

6.. In the sea.

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    River indeed , its said that taking bath in river stables your energy channels as flowing water has currents in it . also its fun to bath in a river . so river bath is good for both body and mind .... .next comes natural stream ..

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    !) Bath or shower room

    2) Private swimming pool

    4) Under a natural stream

    6) In the sea

  • 7 years ago

    Shower; it uses less water than a bathtub.

    I like to go swimming, too, but at least in the U.S., that's not considered to be a bath; pools have a lot of chlorine in them (especially those that are public or semi-public), and it's a good idea to shower AFTER swimming to get that stuff out of your hair and swimsuit.

    Rivers and natural streams here, as well as the ocean, are never warm enough for extended "bathing," as they come from the snow-melt in the Cascades (Washington state), and once again, with the salt in the ocean, getting rid of it from your suit and hair is important.

    So on the whole, I'll stick with a nice, simple shower.

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    First In a river and then in shower Swimming Is a wonderful exercise It lessens our mental pressure.

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  • lampel
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    hi Warren, Don`t mission about the Twits on the following. it quite is a shame once you are able to`t ask a superbly innocuous question without peoples minds going contained in the gutter. each body cleans themselves, and truthfully everyone must be in a position too communicate about it. in my opinion I take a warm bathe for my decrease back complications. And it feels wonderful. Oh crap!! I didn`t come off as a "Creeper" Did I ? "The Troll Hunter"

  • Rohit
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    7 years ago

    Public swim-pool..I did not do so much hardwork to build my 6 packs for myself to see in mirror

  • 7 years ago

    Private swimming pool.. Coz i got nothin to worry about if i have one in my backyard

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    1 I guess

    Source(s): It's cleaner
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    In a river.A refreshing experience.A few minutes swimming and then wonderful.

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