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What's the best kind of food to eat with a kidney stone ?

So I'm 17 & got diagnosed with a kidney stone Saturday morning . I was wondering what's the best kind of food I can eat that wont make the pain any worse . I've only been eating a loaf of bread the past 48 hours & water & cranberry juice . Pleaseeee help ?! Btw it's a calcium one .

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    I'm 20 years old and even me I am a kidney patient. In the year 2009, both my kidneys failed to work and I was kept in ICU for 5 days. But after 19 days of treatment I am alright. To keep the kidney stones away we must not eat or drink all kinds of stuff. We must drink lots of water, like 3-4 litres of water in a day and can even eat lemons to melt the stones in our kidney but not much, as it effects our liver. And we must drink the liquid medicine K-Mac. Its a good medicine to keep away the stones from forming in our kidneys.

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