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this person has gone to USCIS and made a bunch of false claims about me .. she was married before we got married she left in august 2011 .. are we leagly married ? can she have any claim against me that i have to take care of her forever .. she i found out is a webmaster and she is remotew accessing my computers and destroying them with a virus .police will not do anything nor will immigration .do i worrie what can ido to ring my case to USCIS?

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    The question of whether you are legally married rather depends on the legal status of her previous marriage. That means knowing whether her previous marriage was "legal" and whether it had been ended legally. Given you have mentioned the USCIS, I assume one or other or both of you is not a US national. Without knowing where the previous marriage was contracted, I can't really give you any advice here. You have not told us where you married her either. (If this was in the US, she would have had to show that her previous marriage had been legally ended)

    A claim against you for support is unlikely, under current US legislation, to be open-ended.

    I find it hard to believe that someone who is a webmaster of any competence doesn't know how to protect themselves from viruses - there is a lot of information about this on the InterWeb. In any case, you report the attacks to your service provider.

    Given how little actual information you have given us, it is difficult to say whether you need to be worried. We have no idea what she's said to USCIS nor what your immigration status is. Bear in mind that it is not unusual for people to bad-mouth their exes to government departments - the only real problem comes when what the aggrieved person is saying has some truth in it - and that we don't know.

    Seriously, I think you probably needed to talk this over with someone legally qualified, rather than post it in on something as generalised as Y!A.

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