HCl secretion.... please help?

i have to answer this question. i have read the digestive chapter over and over. i am looking at a pic of this process and it has to much info and too many arrows going everywhere. i dont get it!

question- "hcl secretion by parietal cells in the gastric glands is stimulated bt ach, histamine, & gastrin thru gprotein coupled second messenger systems. fully explain all the cellular events involved in HCl secretion. must includedcthese terms: h+k+ ATPase, protein kinase, atp, cAMP, g protein, ligand, receptor, adenylate cyclase, chloride bicarbonate exchanger, cloride channel, aprical cell membrane, basolateral cell membrane, alkaline tide, and intracellular second messenger"

Yes he is serious! errrr

please answer if u know

1 Answer

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