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Why did George Zimmerman find Trayvon Martin suspicious for walking through that gated community?

For all he knows Trayvon could have lived there. Did he automatically assume that no black people lie in gated communities. Racist.

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    Because when you're the neighborhood watch captain in a gated community, you make it your business to know who lives there and who doesn't. TM just moved in with his father's girlfriend. Did anyone make an attempt to let neighborhood watch know who he was? Nope. TM was walking under the eaves of people's houses. That's not suspicious at all, is it? In a gated community, you have to have a code to get through the gate with a vehicle. Only residents and police get those codes. Why did TM assume that his life was in danger if he was being followed by a vehicle, when it was obviously someone who lived in that community?

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    It wasn't that he was walking through a gated community. When he first spotted Trayvon, Trayvon was on the grass area, walking in the rain. The gated community has paths.

    Now this is a common sense kinda thing, but it won't make sense to you unless you actually see video of the neighborhood.

    If you're walking between houses, on grass, instead of using the paths.... at night, in the rain, people are going to take notice. (Particularly if you notice that the path is raised, and the grass slopes downward. The path is raised to keep it from puddling. The grassy areas would naturally be way, way more wet.

    Do this: the next time it rains, notice how many people are walking through the lawn in your neighborhood.

    Zimmerman said that the kid looked high and suspicious. Walking through grass in the rain sounds pretty high and suspicious. The ME report confirmed that he was high.

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    This hire a cop dedicated chilly blooded homicide. merely like sworn cops do whilst they shoot down an unarmed guy or woman, George Zimmerman mentioned the greater youthful guy replaced into reaching into his waist band. initially, George Zimmerman isn't a police officer. 2d, whilst he first referred to as 911 he replaced into advised to not pursue the pronounced suspect via police dispatch. he's largely a wannabe cop that crossed the line and took an harmless youthful mans existence.

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    Zimmerman was a wannabee cop with delusions of authority. He did not contact the police when he formed his NW group, he did not follow the guidelines for a NW group, he was the self appointed captain. He got a gun and was out looking for trouble. He did this repeatedly and it was only a matter of time before the SHTF. Treyvon was just out walking, doing absolutely nothing wrong. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the loose cannon got him. It did not matter if he was white, black, pink or blue, Zimmerman was looking for trouble, for an opportunity to show what a big man he was, what a wonderful NW Captain he was. And as a result of Zimmerman's actions, the kid is dead.

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  • 1) Martin was standing around in yards, not walking on the sidewalk. STANDING AROUND in the rain - in people's yards.

    2) He didn't know Martin's race until he was ASKED and moved closer for a better look.

    Source(s): PUBLISHED information, the PROSECUTOR'S evidence etc.
  • Because Trayvon was looked like a thug and the thugs were not welcomed there

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    perhaps because treyvon was "eyeing " each house he went by-and wasn't walking on the sidewalk but in the yards.

    I guess if you see a white bum in San Fransico sitting on the street you'd automatically assume he didn't belong there? Racist.

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    Even on the highly edited version of the 911 tape, Zimmerman's quote was "I THINK he's black."

    Meaning: He did NOT KNOW the person's race...

    ...Thus it was the ACTIVITY that aroused his suspicion...

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    Because he looked like he could have been Obomos son if he had one? Just a guess.

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    He was apparently looking into windows and walking between houses.

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