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I had a lower back surgery 5 years ago an still have a lot of muscle pain what can i do...?

lower back fusion an can't get over the muscle pain on both sides in my lower back

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I would try Protandim. It's made of 5 all natural herbs and is beneficial for joint and muscle pain as well as other things. Here are the 5 herbs its made of and you can do more research on it if need be:

    Bacopa Extract

    - a plant traditionally used in India as medicine

    - used to treat asthma

    - restores nerves and brain cells an improves mental ability

    - used for behavioral disorders and memory disturbances

    - increases antioxidant activity in all parts of the brain

    - muscle relaxant and digestive agent

    - improves articulation and helps with correction of speech defects

    - beneficial for depression, hypertension, sleeplessness, mental retardation, insanity and hysteria

    - strengthens the adrenal glands and cleanses the blood to treat skin impurities

    - improves protein activity and protein synthesis, especially in brain cells

    - decreases stress and nervous anxiety

    Milk Thistle Extract

    - a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family

    - contributes to treating liver problems such as cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders

    - lowers cholesterol levels and helps with diabetes as well as prostate, breast and cervical cancer

    Ashwagandha Extract

    - a root herb traditionally used in India as medicine

    - improves physical energy and athletic ability

    - increases immunity to colds and infections

    - increases recovery from chronic illness and decreases pain from arthritic conditions

    - regulates blood sugar as an aid to suppress sugar cravings

    - helps with the endocrine, cardio, and central nervous systems

    - helps the body produce its own thyroid hormones

    - restores male libido, cures impotence and increases male fertility

    - reduces negative effects of stress

    - slows tumor growth

    - helps with anxiety and insomnia

    Green Tea Extract

    - best food source of the group called catechins (more powerful that vitamin C and E in fighting oxidative damage to cells and diseasing)

    - reduces risk for cancers such as skin, breast, lung, colon, esophageal and bladder

    - reduces risk for heart disease

    - helps block bad cholesterol and improves artery function

    - reduces hypertension

    Turmeric Extract

    - a plant related to the ginger family; culinary spice used mostly in Southeast Asia and used as medicine by the Chinese

    - helps with indigestion and flatulence

    - is anti-inflammatory so it helps with arthritis or joint pain

    - helps with Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, HIV, high cholesterol, heartburn, jaundice, liver disorders, menstrual disorders and asthma

    - reduces inflammation

    - relieves wounds, cuts or bruises

    - helps with the common cold and flu

    - helps increase the flow of bile and breakdown of dietary fat

    - reduces acne

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