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Which NFL Team will be stupid enough to give Lovie Smith a job as a head coach?

It would truly be shocking if anyone does. The only team I can see with ownership incompetent enough to give him a shot is the Dallas Cowboys

What say you?

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    Smith is defined by his failures: As a big game coach, as a motivator, and, generally, in life. The man -- and I use that term loosely -- has absolutely no redeeming qualities. He's the Jamarcus Russell of coaching: A complete and utter waste of time, space and money.

    So it makes sense that any club that is willing to accept failure would be interested in eventually hiring Smith because it's the one thing he truly does well. With that in mind I think Smith would be a good fit in Dallas (Jerry Jones would then no longer be the most clueless individual in the organization), Oakland (ditto Mark Davis), or Philadelphia (he is, after all, the black Andy Reid).

    But it's a given that any team with championship aspirations will shy away from Smith because the "man" knows nothing about what it takes to win a championship.

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    I don't think any team will be stupid enough to hire him as a head coach in the next few years. No team was even stupid enough to hire him as an assistant coach. I think Lovie will have to earn his way back to a head coaching position by first proving himself again as a defensive coordinator somewhere if some team takes a chance on him.

    And that may be hard to do also. Most of the NFL is going to the 3-4 defense. Lovie liked to use a zone 4-3 defense like Dungy did if I remember correctly. The only team I actually saw move to a 4-3 was the Dallas Cowboys by hiring Kiffin.

    Honestly, I don't think it is a bad move by some teams that have powerful, expensive and veteran offenses that are trying to win a Super Bowl before their offense gets over the hill to move to a 4-3. With nearly every team moving to a 3-4, there should be more highly rated talent available that fits to a 4-3 defense that can be gotten fairly cheaply.

    So the Cowboys move to a 4-3 defense could actually be a smart move. For young teams that don't have the salary issues though, I think the 3-4 defense is better because it allows a team to stop the run better.

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    I'm a Dallas fan, and I would cut off my own toe if we could get rid of Jerry Jones. If I was GM of the Cowboys, I wouldn't want Lovie Smith as head coach, but I'd like to put him at defensive coordinator. I think he did a great job defensively with Chicago, but very bad offensively, and he's not fit for a HC position. I don't think he's going to get another job at HC again, but I think he'd make a good DC.

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    It wouldn't be a stupid move to hire Smith. In 9 seasons as a head coach he went 81-63 which is a winning percentage of .56 which is above average for a head coach. He is a 3 time NFC North champion and led the Bears to Super Bowl XLI with Rex Grossman as his QB. That is very tough to do.

    Any team that wants a defensive minded HC would be smart to consider Smith as he is better than any other retread head coach on the market. He will be hired again as a head coach. I'm not going to make a list of teams because any team that needs a head coach next offseason would be smart to consider him.

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    Cleveland Browns

  • Way to kick the dead horse, Trestman! Smith is a good coach if you actually think about it.A Grossman led team made it to the Super Bowl and he always had a good D. He just had bad QBs and that did him in.

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    I would say the jets, but they already have a stupider guy over there Rex Ryan

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    the Cleveland Browns

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    Wow ANOTHER Lovie Smith post?!

    Dude, you're sure hung up on on him aren't ya?? Man, he's Gone!

    Geese, let it go dude, time to focus on the Now...

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    honestly i see him as a assisstant somewhere for the rest of his career

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