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How to face interviw?

how to face interview

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    This is the classic make up look, perfect for all occasions, whether you want to make a strong impact in a board meeting, impress a date or dazzle your future boss at an interview.


    Setting Powder

    This is ideal for super oily skin: Although it looks white in the package, setting powder goes on clear. Its job is to soak up any excess oil on your face, so it need only be applied to oily areas. Setting Powder is clear or has a tinge to match your basic skin tone. This means it can be applied either before or after your make up, so you can dust away oily spots any time of the day. Apply by dusting over oily areas of your face with a fully bodied brush.


    A concealers job is to hide blemishes, spots and dark circles. Just apply a couple of dots of concealer to the area you wish to hide and using your ring finger or a sponge gently blend. Use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. For example if you have medium skin tone use a light concealer. Elusyion by Earthy Essences Coverzit Concealers are a perfect addition to your make up bag. Blend quickly with a Bare Natural Beauty Concealer Brush for best results, this is the natural way to deal with troubled skin.


    For powder mineral foundation, use the smallest amount (it's about 95% colour); whatever you think you'll need - halve! Swirl your Bare Natural Beauty Kabuki Brush in the top of your powder and work into bristles to get an even coat. Tap off the excess.

    If you're using a liquid foundation, apply evenly with a sponge; care to blend well at your hair and jaw lines, so as to avoid the ghastly mask. Translucent powder can be applied on top to help keep your foundation on longer. And remember that Mineral Powder Foundation is not a translucent powder.

    Eye brow pencil, three shades of eyeshadow, eye liner and mascara

    For a classic look, either accentuate your eyes or your lips, not both. If you choose to accentuate your eyes, choose 3 eyeshadow shades, if you choose to accentuate your lips use only one neutral eye shadow tone.


    Your eye brows shape your face and bring focus to your eyes. With a cotton ball remove any foundation from your eye brow. Now apply feather strokes through the middle part of your brow, starting from the inner corner of your brow and working out. Use a brow brush to groom your eyebrows. Apply a small amount of translucent powder against the natural direction of your brow, brush excess off, and lastly, run your ring finger over your eye brow to comp.

    Beautiful eyes begin with beautifully applied eye shadow. The lightest colour will be on the upper eye-lid, the medium will cover the eye lid and the darkest shade will line the eye-lid just above the lashes.

    Begin with the lightest shade. Apply all over the eye lid; from the base of your eyebrow right through to the rim of your eye lashes. This forms a base colour which highlights your eyes. Next apply your medium shade on the central area of your eyelid. This brings out the natural colour of your eyes. Finally line your lashes with the dark shade by brushing along the lash line.

    Blend lightly with a brush, do not use your fingers or rub with the brush, as this is how you smudge your make up. Blending is an art and it may take a little while to get right, so persevere.

    As with everything mineral, less is best. Whatever you think you need, halve the amount. It’s much easier to add more colour than to remove it.

    If you choose to accentuate your lips, you need only apply your base colour eye shadow.

    Eye liner

    With an eye liner pencil apply on your upper lid by drawing a line from the inner side of the eye to the outer side. On the lower lid draw a lined from the outer edge tapering to the inner side of the eye.

    If you're using a mineral eye shadow as an eye liner use a sponge applicator and hold a tissue under your eye to avoid spoiling the rest of your foundation. Apply in feather strokes to the lash line and gradually blend until you get the right line.


    Take your Kabuki Brush (not the same one you’ve used for foundation), and sweep it downwards from the ear to mid-cheek. Blend from the top of the ear toward the end of your cheek.

    Choose a colour that best suits your skin type; pink tones should use pink hues and golden tones should choose brown/orange tones.

    Once again, apply a small amount (half of what you think you need) and then build up colour from there. Blush is a whisper of colour, you only catch a glimpse of colour; it’s not dominating at all.

    Cheers Sonya

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