HELP! I am hopelessly addicted to garlic and peppers! What to do?

I even fry potatoes and sometimes eggs to feed my perversion.

Like any addict I have secret herbs and spices.

What should I do ;)

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    6 years ago
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    Add onion and celery for the Cajun Trifecta. Fry all of that up in a roux. Add it to a large stock pot filled with andoulie sausage, chicken, shrimp. A generous shot of Tony Chacherie's ... you got gumbo baby!

    Serve with beer.

    Here's Paula Deen's take.

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    Eating garlic and peppers is good for you-eating fried potatoes or too many eggs isn't.

    Find some healthier ways to indulge your secret passion.

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    6 years ago

    take thin slices of rib eye steak and add it to your garlic and peppers,also goes well with a mild fish like sea bass .tossed in with French fries, its basically healthy and tasty. raw you can use it in salad or in making vinaigrette.grilled cheese with garlic and peppers inside.raw garlic peppers sandwich with lettuce tomato cheese and roast beef or turkey.

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