Nikon cameras vs. Canon cameras?

In your opinion which camera brand do you like best? Why?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    CANON FOR THE WIN!!! i have a canon and it works really great m friend has a nikon camera and some of the pictures come out like blurry i also had one but it was eehh canons are also better because they work longer like 6-7 years unless you buy like 600-700$ nikon cameras wow. :)

  • 6 years ago

    It makes absolutely no difference at all. I shoot Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fuji DSLR cameras. They ALL do the same thing, the same way. If I take 4 identical shots with all 4, you can't tell me which camera took which shot.

    Get over the A is better than B because my uncle uses A... that's just fanboy crap. What matters is the result, not which camera you used to get the result.

  • Jim A
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    I own and only recommend Canon because being an owner I know this company's attention to detail and quality. I'm sure Nikon produces quality gear as well but for me, Canon.

  • 6 years ago

    I shoot Nikon, but that's because I like the way their controls and menus are laid out and the way the cameras fit my hands. Between the two - flip a coin.

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  • 6 years ago

    canon = better quality. I'd prefer. I like. I love. I have

    Nikon = cheap-er

  • 6 years ago


    Cannons are massed produced so are just plastic and crappy, go to a store and pick them both up. You'll want nikon.

    Plus nikon's nikor lenses are complete perfection

    I've owned both nikon and cannon, the cannon was crappy and broke down on me. My uncle is an avid photographer and will only use nikon. Most people have cannon just because they are cheaper

  • Andrew
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    For DSLRs - Pentax, although Sony do better video.

    For bridge cameras - Fujifilm.

    For cheap compacts, it doesn't matter (as long as you avoid Kodak, Benq, Vivitar and GE).

    If you can't see beyond those two, stick to crayons.

  • keerok
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Neither. They are basically the same.

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