I want to major in Computer Forensics?

I want to do the job that the police do when they search people's computers and find evidence. I'm not sure what that's called but I thought it was called Computer Forensics. Anyway, i need the name because I'm looking at my college catalog and I don't see exactly what I'm looking for. The closet thing to it that I see is CRIME SCENE TECHNOLOGY - FORENSIC SCIENCE (27027) (that interests me also).

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  • 7 years ago
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    Although there are some schools beginning to offer this as a major, it is not offered everywhere. It may also be bundled into Computing Security related degrees. There are a ton of certifications that are required to work in this area and you may want to take a Computer Science or Computer Information Systems Bachelors degree and then begin looking for a law enforcement job in the sector where you can get additional training and experience and take the cert tests required. Here are just a few of those certs and these are the type of credentials required to testify in court cases:

    EnCase Certified Examiner

    Certified Forensic Computer Examiner

    IACIS Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist

    IACIS Advanced Seizure and Processing of DOS & Windows OS Certificate

    IACIS Advanced Forensic Network Essentials Certificate

    IACIS Advanced Unix Training Certificate

    HTCN Advanced Certification, Computer Crime Investigator

    HTCN Advanced Certification, Computer Forensic Technician

    ACFS Certified Fraud Specialist

    CEH Certified Ethical Hacker

    Source(s): 16 years IT systems engineer in Fortune 50 company Bachelors degree in CIS, Bachelors degree in Advertising 21 Microsoft certifications, MCSE and MCT A+ Security+ CompTIA certifications IT Published magazine author of 200+ magazine articles IT book and magazine technical editor
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  • Lucy
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    4 years ago

    Look for colleges which offer a major in computer science with a concentration in computer security. This curriculum would be good preparation for a career in computer security in which you could develop an on-the-job subspeciality of forensic work if you could find an appropriate employment position. Unlike many students interested in forensics, you have focused your interest in a realistic way. Best wishes.

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