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What all is there to do in Paris, France?

My family is going to Paris in a few months for Christmas vacation and I was just wondering what all there is to do? Anything that a family of four could do together.

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    Paris is a magical city to visit and there are fewer tourists there in December so it's a good time (if colder) to visit. Do some research together with your family to decide what to do; your local library has travel guidebooks and probably some travel DVDs on Paris. Websites and are also good resource with lots of short videos on the Travel Channel website. Look for Paris episodes of Rick Steeve's Travels in Europe or Globetreker on PBS.

    *Paris has lots of great art museums including the Louvre, the D'Orsay, and the Rodin Museum.

    *Go visit some monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc d'Triomphe (crossing the street there is dangerous so look for the underground tunnel instead).

    *No shortage of churches in Paris but the best are Notre Dame (great view from the top), Sacre Couer (great place to be at sunset), and the exquisite St. Chapelle.

    *Take a night boat tour of the Seine River on one of the bateau marche; tours are conducted in multiple languages including English.

    *Go have some ice cream at Berthillon on the Ile St-Louis (cross the bridge behind Notre Dame to get there).

    *Go to a Paris boulangerie for great pastries, croissants, and unbelievably good baguettes.

    *If you do go to Disneyland Paris, your parents can get tickets in advance online, at many hotels, or at the Disney Store on Champs Elysee along with Paris Disney souvenirs.

    *Take a train out to Versailles to see how Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette lived in their country home.

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    Christmas vacation is a GREAT time to be in Paris. Almost every neighborhood or "arrondissement" has a christmas market a really cool one is down the Champs Elysees. There are also the windows at Galleries lafayette which is the same tradition as the Macy's windows in NYC

    A great memory-maker would be for you to go ice skating on the Eiffel tower. Yes i said ON. During christmas time there is a wonderful skate rink on the first observation deck. Plus in 2013 they are renovating the whole place it is going to be beautiful. There is also a fantastic skating rink in the Grande Palais.

    For other must-sees and practical advice in Paris check out:

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    You can start with the Paris tourist office site to have an idea of what is offered

    If you go at Christmas you have the Xmas markets, among them the one on the Champs Elysées, with the Christmas lights there as well.

    A few other things to do:

    Ice skating at Hotel de Ville (town hall) - skate rental is 5€

    Cirque d’Hiver—Winter circus

    Grande Roue at Concorde (big Ferris wheel), to watch Paris from above

    Notre-Dame Cathedral—Christmas tree + light and sound on a screen in the nave showing the nativity

    Christmas show at Horse Museum in Chantilly, a city outside Paris.

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    I just came back from Paris a week ago! It was amazing.

    We climbed up the Eiffel Tower, went to Champ Elysees, visited Notre Dame, ate snails (escargot... not really suitable for my taste buds by the way), went to Louvre Museum where we saw the actual Mona Lisa!!!, and finished with Versailles Palace. My stay in Europe was amazing. I hope you guys all do too! It will be an unforgettable experience.

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    Go see Montmartre which is where the Sacré Coeur Cathedral is and many artists work in that area, walk and shop around the famous Champs Des Lysees and take a "bateau-mouche" along the Seine.

    The rest are mentioned in the comments above.

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    I am currently a french student and I am going to Paris in the fall, this website gives plenty of ideas.

    Also, I would deffeintely go visit Disneyland, some cafes and vineyards.

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    Invest in a good travel guide book to Paris before you go. A few months, eh? I hope you've lots of money ....

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    Look at Paris tourism. Depends what you like. There is always this Disney thing or museums

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