Compairing Silver vs Weildermen to boxing?

i have already heard some of these delusional white fans comparing this UFC fight to classic boxing matches such as Douglas v. Tyson (1990) and Holmes v Clay (1990)......

i find a more accurate comparison to be made with Johnson v. Willard (1915):

an aging and controversial ATG champion loses his belt to an unheralded fighter not on his same level.....the timing of the loss coincides with a champion apparently losing interest after dominating his weight class for nearly a decade without any credible competition. some people even question the validity of the KO, and suggest the fight was fixed. the new champion instantly becomes the darling of white America, who has long been Hoping for one of "their own" to silence this Champion of Color who had been running roughshod over all the best fighters of his day

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  • 7 years ago
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    Comparing this fight to Willard/Johnson is not accurate. Willard had retired for 6 years and ballooned in weight. His comeback was not close to his prime abilities.

    I doubt that Silva would throw the fight for any amount of money since this will cost him more in lost revenue for outside ventures.

    To bring race into this or almost any athletic contest is not fair.

    I have not heard the winner spouting off about whites being superior to other races.

    Plus I never compare this fighting to boxing, they are two totally different sports.

  • 7 years ago

    Silva should have never fought WEIDMAN

    Silva should have learned from Mayweather that avoiding opponents who have the potential to beat you will preserve your career.

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