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Dental emergency help me please?

I have my wisdom teeth coming in ( my bottom right one is fully in due to the fact that my molar in front was removed a few years back) but on my lower left side i have a cavity that has literally broken/eaten away part of my tooth (the side closest to my tongue) and the wisdom tooth is trying to come in but only the tip is out of my gum the rest cant come in because my teeth are crowding it. For a month and a half I've had increasing pain that is now a constant cramping (for lack of description) in my lower jaw (left side) and where my jaw connects. It burns and sometimes locks up. I do not have health insurance but have just been packing my messed up tooth with den tak when it becomes too painful (pretty regularly). Now the pain is moving to my neck/upper neck (where the neck meets my skull) and was wondering if this is normal and can i wait a few more months until i can get HI or is it ER material? And only qualified people answer please. I do NOT have money for the ER unless it is life threatening i have a toddler and 3 dogs to take care of. 6,000.00 is too much by far for a few xrays and a root canal. I know my molar is infected i.e. funky taste in my mouth and swollen around the edges with horrible tasting liquid coming out on occasion, half of that tooth is gone and i always have it packed with den tak and use a lot of the homeopathic baby orajel on it to take off the edge. Doesn't really help much anymore. Also there is a slight swelling under my earlobe/corner of my jaw. Do not know if it's relevant but only happens when the pain is really intense and that is usually when my jaw locks on that side )or a few minutes. Hot packs help slightly but not much anymore. Mouthwash just intensifies it. I guess i should add that i have a calcium deficiency (horribly lactose intolerant, i cant drink milk substitute products either as they make me vomit uncontrollably) and brittle teeth (i can't brush my teeth more than 3-4 times a week as they start chipping horribly after the second brushing even with soft tip brushes) which may factor into this? I will be getting HI in 2-3 months thanks in advance.

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    Here is a link that may help you find low or no cost dental services in your area. I don't think there's much else you can do at home, as it sounds like you may need an antibiotic. Best of luck to you.

    Source(s): 15 years dental and oral surgery office experience
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